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Summer Community Cleanse with Kate & Scott

Care for your body & mind with our third annual 3-day online summer cleanse! 

Summer Online Community Cleanse

While the lives dates for the cleanse have passed, you are still welcome to download the cleanse handbook pdf and listen to the call recording. 


Scott Blossom and I are teaming up to offer this mini cleanse designed to support summertime health with yoga and ayurveda. You'll find recipes for delicious meals (from simple to more complex), relaxing yoga, and enjoyable lifestyle practices in your cleanse protocol. You'll be supported by a conference call and a special facebook group where you can cheer each other on and join in to learn more.  

...and we're offering it all by donation! 

We're making a donation too...

This summer we will be donating 25% of cleanse proceeds to Dr. Sarita Shrestha's NGO in Nepal: The Devi Ma Kunja, which is supplying people of Nepal with food, health care, and medicine. Dr. Shrestha is an Ayurvedic physician who has three clinics in Nepal, her home, where she has treated hundreds of people a day and has worked extensively in these rural areas that have been among the hardest hit by the earthquake. You can learn more and donate to her directly via this link. Scott and I have benefitted from the teachings and wonderful soul of Dr. Shrestha and hope our contribution can make at least a small difference in the suffering of those in Nepal. We greatly appreciate your support in making this so.

you can still download recording + PDF (live DATES have passed.)

August 1st - 7th. We are offering this cleanse and guiding the conversation on facebook for the first week of August.  On August 1st, Scott, myself, and our wonderful friend & Language Alchemist Alejandra Siroka will be leading a community conference call to support your cleanse, see the details below.  

Once you confirm your subscription, you'll receive the link to the cleanse protocol, an invitation to the facebook group, the link to listen to our Opening Cleanse Call recording, and a link to make a donation.

In this Summer Cleanse you'll find:

  • Summer Cleansing Recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Drink recipes designed specifically to cool off pitta dosha, relieve inflammation, & help hydrate the body
  • Creative and new lifestyle practices that are fun & specific to summer health
  • A Yoga practice to balance Pitta dosha
  • Contributions from reknown and respected members of the Ayurveda community 


For support, we are offering: 

  • A space for Q & A, sharing, excitement & more in the Summer Cleanse Facebook Group. 
  • A community conference call with Scott and Kate: August 1st at 9am PDT.




This cleanse is open to anyone; we're offering it on donation! We value creating truly affordable healthcare. We hope you'll help us continue to offer cleanses like these by donating when you receive your protocol. A $35 donation is suggested but any amount is greatly appreciated.  


  • What if I'm not on facebook? No problem. All essential information (handbook, cleanse call info, donation link) is sent via email. The fb group is for extra support & sharing. 
  • What are we eating? Three satisfying meals a day of seasonal foods. The recipes included are all vegan (except for ghee) and aimed towards balancing pitta dosha primarily. 
  • Where do I donate? The link to donate is included in your confirmation email you receive when you sign up. You can also find it in your cleanse protocol pdf. 


Have a question? Email Kate at with your question and we'll get back to you shortly.  


This Cleanse was developed by Scott Blossom and Kate Schwabacher. 

Scott Blossom is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, an Ayurvedic Consultant, and a Shadow Yoga Teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn more about Scott here. 

Kate Schwabacher is a Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Consultant in the Berkeley area. Learn more about Kate here.