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Mindful Morning Series

Transform your morning. Transform your day. 

3 Wednesday Morning Practices

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6:45-8 am at Square One Yoga Emeryville

Limited to seven students.  For students with a minimum of six months of yoga practice.

This intimate three class series is designed to support yoga students who want to establish a peaceful and grounded start to their day using the practices of Yoga & Ayurveda to set the tone for more mindful living overall. By starting the day with intention, yoga, and a few simple ayurvedic practices, we refresh the body and mind so that we can be more fully awake in each moment and more skillful in our interactions with the world around us.

Our practices together will act as the supportive pillars for the home practice you’ll establish with my guidance. Because this series is limited to seven participants, there is time for individualized input, discussion within the group, and supportive accountability as you commit to exploring daily practice. Engaging in contemplative practice together in the early morning hours sets a peaceful tone for the day and provides an especially sweet opportunity for transformation on and off the mat. 

Food Focus: This is the second Mindful Morning series I am offering this fall. While every Mindful Morning series will focus primarily on establishing and tending our home yoga practices, the first series focused more on cleansing lifestyle practices encouraged by yoga & ayurveda, whereas this series will focus on the yoga & engaging with our first beverages & meal in a way that's aligned with the season & our intentions. I will provide you with clear instructions on how to structure your home practice, and guidance in choosing foods that will support your greater health & happiness. We'll also discuss some of the basic tenants of eating per Ayurveda that support psychological, circulatory, digestive, and immune system health. 


6:45 - 8 am

Wednesday mornings

Square One Yoga Emeryville: 1540A 62nd St, Emeryville, CA 94608

Cost is $45 for the three classes ($15 per class).

Question? Contact Kate. 

Want to drop in on a class? Email to let me know you'd like to be added to the "sub list" and you'll receive an email when someone can't make it. 

Learn more about Kate, her experience, & training here. 


What folks say about practicing with Kate:

“With her help I now have a daily routine that helps me stay grounded and aware of my body and mind throughout the day. In the short time that I have seen her, I truly feel like a different person.”  ~ Natsumi

“It is an absolute honor to study with someone who is so genuinely actualizing her life path as a compassionate, disciplined teacher and practitioner...She really cares about her students and she really knows her stuff.  Kate will ensure you are doing your poses properly.  She teaches students how to find alignment and ease of breath that translates to all poses, on and off the mat...I have learned from Kate simple [lifestyle] habits I can actually commit to.  And since I am ACTUALLY doing them daily I'm experiencing the sustainable, incremental change that is so delicious and rewarding. Under Kate's guidance I'm learning how to truly care for myself and access my greatest potential. She is such a gift and I am so grateful to call her my teacher...I've been practicing for over 10 years and just took her 4-week Foundations of Yoga series.  Now my home practice is firmly rooted and growing! There is always something to learn and she is just so lovely!” ~ Gillian Vickers via Yelp