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The blog of Kate Schwabacher, Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic consultant, and a Chinese Medicine student. Healthy recipes, yoga ideas and more. 


Kate Schwabacher

 breakfast + baby bump  

breakfast + baby bump  

 (Holy moly, it's been over a year since I've posted! Guess that's what happens when you're finishing your masters --done in December!-- and making a baby --due in August!  :) ) 

It's a glorious May Day outside and after a good lie in and yoga I was ready for a simple-ish breakfast that wouldn't get in the way of lunch. I love this porridge for its moistening properties (flax, cooked oats, sunflower seeds all do this) and its tastiness. The Almond & Sesame Seed Powder is something I keep a batch of in a glass jar to use on savory and sweet things. If you don't have the time or inclination to make it, you could just toss some whole toasted sesame on top of your porridge. Enjoy!  



Serves 1.  

1/3 c rolled oats  

1 c water  


sprinkle flax seed  

tiny splash vanilla extract

1/8 tsp or more ginger root powder  

1/4 c whole milk  

unsalted butter


approx 2-3 Tbsp raw sunflower seeds  

approx 1 Tbsp Almond & Sesame Powder (separately toast equal parts sesame seeds and almonds then grind/blend together) 

very small drizzle maple syrup


Prep Almond & Sesame Powder and set aside. In a small pot, combine oats, water, flax, two dashes salt, vanilla and ginger and bring to low boil. Stir periodically until oats are soft then add milk and gently simmer until desired thickness is reached. Allow to sit while you toast sunflower seeds (can be done ahead of time). To serve, pour oats in bowl and top with raisins, sunseeds, seed powder, touch of maple syrup, and small notch of butter. Ideally, sit outside and enjoy with a great cup of tea.