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The blog of Kate Schwabacher, Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic consultant, and a Chinese Medicine student. Healthy recipes, yoga ideas and more. 

A fresh start

Kate Schwabacher

A sparkling clean kitchen, a new pair of yoga pants, a sunrise...things that make me feel like I'm starting fresh, with a clean slate, like anything is possible. After five years of maintaining my old blog, I've decided to start anew, and it feels so good. 

Much of the blog content will be the same as before: recipes, yoga insights, cleanse & workshops notifications, and interesting (hopefully to you) life updates. That said, the blog writer, that is me, is not quite the same. When I started my old blog I already had some yoga teaching experience under my belt but I was just beginning my formal schooling in Ayurveda at Mount Madonna. Over the five years that followed I grew more and more into that part of my identity, yoga + ayurveda. 

And now it seems that identity is shifting again, slowly, but dependably. Being a full-time student in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) school is submerging my brain in yet another potent view of eastern medicine, and I am not the same for it. It feels like I have a new hologram through which to view the world, health, and dis-ease: one not superior or inferior to Ayurveda, just different in some ways. It's still two years and some (assuming all goes to plan) until I'm a licensed acupuncturist & TCM practitioner, but the shift is incremental and simultaneously profound in my being. 

I plan to keep my blog grounded in yoga and ayurveda, but expect TCM will pop up here and there when I think it would be useful to you all. 

I feel very grateful to have a teacher, Scott Blossom, who knows yoga, ayurveda, and TCM and has so many years of clinical practice. It's a very rare thing to come across someone who has steeped in all three for so long. I feel very lucky to be here in the Bay Area with the opportunity to study with him. 

So as I continue to teach classes, workshops, cleanses, and share on this blog, please know that I am still a student; it's priority No.1.  A teacher is only as good as his/her own practice. I do my work, and hope to set an example for all you out there to do yours too. It is rewarding, even when challenging. 

To more challenges and opportunities to practice! 

Learn.   Practice.   Grow.