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The blog of Kate Schwabacher, Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic consultant, and a Chinese Medicine student. Healthy recipes, yoga ideas and more. 

New offerings coming soon!

Kate Schwabacher

I am thrilled to share that I've passed the California Acupuncture Licensing Exam and am now a Licensed Acupuncturist in addition to holding my Masters in Chinese Medicine. As I await the hardcopy of my license to arrive in the mail so that I may begin treating patients, I am creating new offerings to help you arrive at a deeper state of health with improved energy, lowered stress, and greater longterm immunity. I am so excited to offer treatments where I can bridge the genius of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine. 

Please stay tuned for more announcements & a slight website makeover...

(and if you'd like to see what I'm making in the kitchen or the little human I'm mothering, follow along on instagram @kateschwabacher

Waste Mindfulness

Kate Schwabacher

After falling off the waste-mindfulness wagon after having Guy, I’m taking steps to reduce the waste I create. As that pertains to food, it means not getting as many spontaneous meals out and about and not going to a store where all the very convenient for me (less so for the environment) foods are packaged in plastic. So basically it means I need to PLAN better.

Step 1: Create a rough meal plan for the week so that...

a) I can be sure to shop at places like the farmers market and Good Earth Natural Grocery (which is so bulk friendly) even though they aren’t just outside my door and...

b) so that I’m less tempted to grab a bite on the go because I know I have a (more) delicious meal for me at home that I can feel really good about.

These photos are from Friday, my veggie scramble day with fresh bread. Eggs, veg (fennel, chard, cauliflower) and bread all sourced from the Thursday farmers market. And how beautiful are those egg shells? Swoon. 

If you have steps to move into a lower waste way of living, I’d love to hear them here or on instagram. #lowerwastelifestyle 



Kate Schwabacher

Listening to the rain on the windows. Feet in snuggly lambskin slippers. Sipping nettle tea. Tapping away on my laptop... All fairly usual for my life over the last, gosh, 10 or so years now, but something is very different. I now have a warm little being breathing softly on my chest with a hand placed on my skin just below my new necklace (a gift from my husband): a bear with the letters MAMA cut out. 

Guy Thomas Schwabacher started his life on earth at midday on August 23rd, and so I began my new life as a mother.

It's been ________, which is to say, it's been everything. Choose a word and drop it in and it will probably fit. But mostly, it's been sweet in an earthy way. Not sweet like a cookie, or even a good hug, where it feels delicious but fleeting or where you have hopes to find something similar again. The ever-changing quality of life with an infant is so incredibly in your face, that this moment will never ever exist again. He/she is growing and changing so rapidly that to think you could try to recreate the experience to prolong the pleasure is laughable. I think it's the way reality thrusts you into being present with a baby that makes it that much more a treasure, that makes the experience of the moment feel everlasting. 

Motherhood thus far is richly satisfying in the way that only something that's also mind-bendingly challenging can be.  I often think about how my Shadow Yoga practice prepared me for this role, not necessarily because it’s difficult but because I’ve grown more familiar and comfortable with the crucible of transformation.  Yes, the flames may burn, but what grows from the ash is what's right for my growth in that moment in time and space.

So this is this something new. And I continue to navigate the waters of my previous life as well. I am ALMOST  finished with my masters in Chinese medicine and plan to start another new “life” as a Chinese medicine practitioner sometime next year.   The beast of the California Acupuncture Licensing Exam waits for me in April, so from one crucible into the next I go. 

As school and motherhood are all consuming, I am not seeing clients or teaching yoga presently. I miss them both very much though. More than maybe I would have even guessed. I look forward to resuming both in the not so far future.  

I have hopes to write a few posts about preparing for Guy’s creation, pregnancy, and labor, but time will tell. If you have any particular wondering around these topics, let me know and I’ll see if they fit in the mix. 

In the meantime, please enjoy this introduction to the soul & smile I get to mother...  

guy with side smile