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Eastern Medicine for the Western Woman

yoga + ayurveda + chinese medicine


I am a yoga teacher, ayurvedic consultant, and acupuncture intern. I am a longtime lover of organic foods, mindful movement, and caring for others. 

I came to eastern practices by way of a yoga recommendation from my scoliosis specialist at Stanford Hospital while I was in my teens. From yoga, I dove into ayurvedic medicine, studying at Mount Madonna Institute of Ayurveda and with local teachers. Still not content, I've gone on to pursue a masters degree in traditional chinese medincine at the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences in Oakland, California where I am currently a student and acupuncture intern. 

My 17 year yoga exploration has primarily been rooted in mysore-style ashtanga vinyasa yoga and shadow yoga. I have taught yoga to a wide variety of ages (from kids to elders) and to varying bodies (from very athletic to those working with injuries). I specialize in creating individualized healing yoga routines those with back injuries, pain, and/or scoliosis. 

I currently offer 1-on-1 yoga lessons, ayurvedic consultations via skype or phone, and supervised acupuncture treatments via ACCHS. In the past I have led a number of food & lifestyle cleanses and workshops. To learn more about my education and previous work, please see my profile here

When not studying, teaching yoga, or practicing ayurveda or tcm, you can find me most often cooking up something colorful, hiking or biking with my husband, singing & dancing in my car, or sipping tea to catch my breath. 



Ayurveda, also known as Ayurvedic Medicine, is the holistic medicine of India. Ayurveda literally means the science of life or longevity and encompasses dietary guidance, lifestyle routines, massage, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, mantra, and yoga. 


Chinese Medicine, a.k.a. Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, is the ancient medicine of China. Treatment can include acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, guasha, herbal medicine, body work, and various movement practices. 


Both Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine utilize the pulse, tongue diagnosis, palpation, and general inquiry as diagnostic methods. 


Y O G A 

I have been teaching yoga publicly and privately for the last ten years. Currently I teach yoga lessons to individuals in various cities within the East Bay and North Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. Lessons are 60-minutes long and include email follow up with descriptions of postures and photos if needed. Lessons are not one-size-fits-all; each lesson is crafted to help you come into deeper health harmony and meet your intentions/goals. Most commonly, my students start wanting to reduce physical pain they are experiencing, often back or neck pain, and/or are looking to reduce anxiety and balance their ayurvedic doshas.  The vast majority of my students find their pain to be eliminated with regular yoga practice and the incorporation of a few simple ayurvedic lifestyle guidelines. You can read testimonials from students who have worked with me here. 

If you have scoliosis, I will help you understand your curve better and what movements, positions, and postures in your daily life to be most aware of so that you can be as balanced as possible. 

1-on-1 Lessons are $108/hour or $270 for a package of three. Your first lesson will include a short health history discussion prior to beginning movement. You are more than welcome to contact me to learn more, ask more about my various trainings, or discuss your health situation before we meet. Complete the form at the bottom of this page to inquire about setting up a lesson. 

If you're interested in organizing a recurring or single class for your business or group of friends, please contact me via the form at the bottom of the page to inquire about rates, days, and class themes. 


After a long sabbatical to focus on my studies, I am offering ayurvedic consultations via skype and phone. After discussing your health history and current health challenges and goals, I offer simple, clear recommendations for something within the ayurvedic tool box that I believe will most benefit you and your circumstance (time/energy/age) in life. In addition to recommendations, I'll share fresh perspective on your constitution, imbalances, and various patterns I may see arising in your health. It's essential for you to feel empowered around caring for your health, and I do my very best to support that. 

In order to set you up for success & support you along the way, I offer three consultations for $268, which includes the initial consultation (~60 min) and two follow-up consultations (~45 min each). Once the initial package is completed, you can schedule 45 min follow-ups for $80. Complete the form at the bottom of this page to inquire about setting up a consultation.


At the Academy of Chinese Culture of Sciences Student Clinic, you can receive acupuncture treatment, moxibustion, cupping and/or herbal recommendations from me under the guidance of a supervisor (an experienced licensed acupuncturist) at a discounted cost. To learn when I'm in the clinic this term, you can write me with the form below. Click here to learn more about the clinic and pricing. To make an appointment, call the clinic at (510) 763-1299 and ask to be booked with Kate. 


to book a lesson or consultation, with a question, or just to say hello : yoginikate{at} 

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